Since 1999 and our first musical collaborations, already under the name of BREAKING THE WAVE, we never dreamt one day to be rejoining forces in our passion for music to compose together once more. 
At the end of 2016, came the idea of an EP, and then bred the idea of an album. 
Each member started by working individually ( Joseph in Lyon, Matthieu in Orléans) and quickly, after numerous distance jamming sessions, the central theme to our album was woven. 
The story of Anton was born. In 10 tracks. 
"Anton is a boy who is completely lost. An outcast, a recluse; he deceives boredom by digital-erotic encounters. His days passed in a mundane office and his daily struggle to no avail. The years passed thus consuming him. To come back to life, he will commit the irredeemable". 
Spring 2017:  We came together for two studio sessions. The first at Spatiolab ( the studio of the group Air Wave) and the second at Lost in Music ( Matthieu’s studio) 
Joined by Phillippe Entressangle on drums, produced by Pierre-Emmanuel Mériaud, and beautifully completed with a sleeve by Mathieu Persan, we are proud to present you with our first album Dead Killer Story.
We have chosen to produce and market the album ourselves. 
It is available for purchase ONLY on this website, 100 numbered vinyls.
No digital version of the album is planned to be released, nor will the album be available to buy in stores. 
DEAD KILLER STORY is the first album released by BREAKING THE WAVE.


Vinyl numbered album
(10 tracks)


29,99 €

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1- Before we leave

2- Do me good

3- Ride that wave

4- The tunnel

5- Poison

6- Entering the party

7- Anton my son

8- Gunshot

9- The rest of us

10- After I left


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